Safety Culture

The heart of CCG is its highly skilled and experienced workforce of over 150 people and our commitment to them is striving for ‘zero harm’ in the workplace.

With accreditation through AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, as well as professionally developed internal practises, City Circle has fostered an environment where health and safety come first with no compromise.

Through our leading OH&S department we are constantly seeking to innovate and improve our systems. CCG implements many systems to achieve a ‘zero harm’ workplace including Demolition and Construction Management Plans (DCMP) and Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plans (HSEP). These systems help identify potential risks to the people we complete our operations around, our staff, and the environment.


These top level systems are complimented with industry standard practices such as daily pre-start meetings, toolbox meetings and start cards where our people on site openly communicate and create solutions to manage, engineer or eliminate potential hazards encompassing our safety mantra, ‘Think. Safety First.’