Melbourne Metro Tunnel

    CBD South was one of the largest demolition projects undertaken by City Circle Group in 2017-2018 as part of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel Early works, one of Victoria’s highest profile government projects.

    During the planning phase of the project City Circle air freighted state of the art demolition attachments such as concrete pulverisers and shears from Europe to mitigate potential noise and vibration issues. These attachments were pivotal in demolishing a 3-level carpark ramp during business hours and causing minimal disruption to hotel patrons. Once the enabling works were completed large scale machines were lifted into the confines of site.

    With only one point of access and egress via Flinders Lane, this made the project one of the most difficult sites to service in terms of restricted access. Producing over 5000 tonnes of recyclable material, the project was completed within the required timeline to allow for excavation and retention works to commence.