Letter from the Director

CCG has been a lifetime passion for our family. We began as a small rubbish removal company over 30 years ago and our goals were to push boundaries, push ourselves and our business to the forefront of the industry.

We now find ourselves as a leader in the demolition industry employing over 150 highly experienced professionals and a range of machinery and equipment. In 1999, we established City Circle Recycling (CCR) to complement our demolition operation and advance our ‘zero-waste’ ambitions. Since then, it has grown from a one facility operation turning over 3000 tonnes per month to three facilities across Melbourne, producing well over a million tonnes of material per annum.

With this growth and the ever changing challenges of the industry, we have never lost sight of our core values. The introduction of best practice initiatives, with a focus on sustainability, has been extremely important to us. We celebrate the long term commitment of our employees and are humbled to have our first employee still active within the company.

Peter Skidmore, Director.