Remediation / Excavation

City Circle offers extensive excavation and soil remediation services across a range of projects, including bulk excavation, site remediation and transportation. With the capacity to screen and remediate large stockpiles of excavated soil, City Circle reduces the cost of bulk waste disposal to provide our clients with more efficient, turn-key alternatives to traditional means of soil remediation. These services have delivered excellent results across a diverse range of large-scale projects for both Government and private entities. Our ability to adapt plant and operation to specific site conditions allows City Circle to tailor solutions to clients’ needs, delivering both financially viable and sustainable outcomes. 

City Circle’s high standard of service is supported by our qualified personnel and capabilities in materials supply, crushing, remediation and off-site recycling over a wide range of projects. Our excavation service has a duplicated heavy equipment and transport fleet, and our complete remediation service offers soil audits, removal of low level and prescribed waste, and compaction testing with associated certificates.

City Circle is fully licensed by the ‘The Australian Institute of Petroleum’ (AIP) to drain, remove and dispose of in ground and above ground tanks to EPA regulations.