CCG leads the way in recycling construction and demolition materials, championing sustainable practices since the mid-1990s. The company’s Zero Waste initiative dramatically reduced landfill waste by establishing recycling centers accessible to waste generators and end users. Today, CCR operates three major facilities, recycling over a million tons of waste annually. These plants, equipped with cutting-edge crushing technology, produce Vic Roads accredited road materials and engineered fills for civil construction. CCG’s gasification plant converts waste timber into fuel, powering electric crushing plants. By recycling materials on-site during demolition projects, CCG significantly reduces transport costs and environmental impact. Notable projects, including major highways and residential developments, benefit from CCG’s recycled products, which include topsoils, soil blends, and mulch.

Material recycled and diverted from landfill

From July 1st 2022 to June 30th 2023. Measured in tonnes.


Demolition / Decomissioning

City Circle Demolition (CCD) excels in commercial, industrial, and government infrastructure projects. Our skilled team ensures efficient and safe demolition, meeting timelines and budgets. With a focus on safety and innovation, CCD sets industry standards and handles complex projects with cutting-edge machinery. Trusted by top construction companies, CCD's expertise shines in the Victorian Government's Level Crossing Removal Program, demonstrating our efficiency and flexibility.

Remediation / Excavation

City Circle provides efficient excavation and soil remediation services, including bulk excavation, site remediation, and transportation. Our expertise in screening and remediating large soil stockpiles reduces waste disposal costs, offering clients cost-effective and sustainable alternatives. We adapt our equipment and operations to specific site conditions, tailoring solutions for diverse projects. Our qualified personnel and comprehensive services ensure high-quality outcomes, supported by soil audits, waste removal, and compaction testing. City Circle is licensed by the Australian Institute of Petroleum for tank removal and disposal, adhering to EPA regulations.