Delivering sustainable outcomes

City Circle
Group (CCG)

Since its inception in 1981, City Circle Group (CCG), owned and operated by the Skidmore Family, has built a reputation as a leading provider in demolition, decommissioning, remediation, excavation and recycling in Australia. 

Specializing in demolition, decommissioning, remediation, excavation, and recycling services.


Explore City Circle Group’s diverse capabilities, driving innovation and excellence across urban solutions.

City Circle Group Four Decades of Excellence

Industries we service

City Circle Group serves diverse industries with tailored solutions for success.

Building & Construction

City Circle Group excels in the building and construction sector, delivering cutting-edge solutions for sustainable and impactful structures.


In the realm of infrastructure, City Circle Group leads with expertise, providing solutions that lay the foundation for resilient and efficient urban landscapes.


City Circle Group is committed to environmental stewardship, offering services that contribute to sustainable practices and the preservation of our planet.


As a trusted partner for government initiatives, City Circle Group provides comprehensive services to support public projects and enhance community development.

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